visual search for ecommerce

Visual Search for eCommerce

The impact of visual search for eCommerce is great. Because of this technology, it makes retail earn more. Plus, it improves the shopping experience.

But, why does this technology matter? Also, what can we learn from the brands that have this feature?

Read on to learn more about the visual search for eCommerce.

The Need for Visual Search for eCommerce

Imagine you’re walking on the street. Then, you saw someone passing by wearing nice boots.

It suddenly dawned on you that you want that boots. So, you went to Google to search for it. But, what should you type?

How can you describe that boots? Black with spikes? Was it velvety? How high were those heels?

See, so many questions arise to describe it. Worse, you did not even begin searching yet.

Besides, we sometimes ran out of descriptive words. So, it will be hard to know which term fits that boots.

Still, you tried. But, what’s worse? After that long process, the search results are not even near that boots! And you can’t even find that lady again to ask!

This situation doesn’t happen once in our lives. In fact, this has been a challenge for so many years in the eCommerce industry.

So, many people ask. Is there any other way to make searching easier?

The solution: visual search.

The Impact of Visual Search for eCommerce

Visual search uses images to find assets or items. As most of us know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In that case, visual search can save you thousands of time, too! No more inaccurate search results.

But, that’s just one positive impact of visual search for eCommerce. So, what else?

Let’s find out!

Benefits of Visual Search for eCommerce

In this article, let’s consider the following benefits of visual search for eCommerce:

  • Seamless buyer experience
  • Convert search to purchase
  • Out of stock into an opportunity

Seamless Buyer Experience

One benefit of visual search is how it makes buying easier. It also makes the process seamless. So, people are more likely to buy.

But, how is this possible?

Of course, lots of technologies are used. And one example is artificial intelligence.

So, every search will give the most accurate results. It can even detect the style and color of the item.

Convert Search to Purchase

Another benefit of visual search is the conversion. How so?

Website browsers become buyers. So, it means more sales for retailers!

Besides, studies show that those who apply visual search will succeed in this field. And this is vital now. But why?

Now, there are so many competitors. And brands need to stand out from others.

Another report also shows that millennials demand high-tech shopping. So, having a visual search attracts them.

Out of Stock into an Opportunity

Most of us have tried browsing online. So, you may have experienced looking for an item, but it’s out of stock.

More often than not, we just close the tab. Or maybe go to another website and try again.

Well, visual search can make out of stock into an opportunity. How so?

It shows similar products to the shopper. So, there is still a chance that they buy from the website.

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