ai ecommerce visual search

AI eCommerce Visual Search

The next big thing in eCommerce is the AI eCommerce visual search. It also transforms the industry by improving customer experience.

So, we’re not surprised to see this trend in eCommerce. Still, some retailers are hesitant of applying visual search. Why is that so?

For one thing, only a few customers adapt to it. But, not until AI came.

This technology has made visual search better. How?

Read on to learn more about AI eCommerce visual search.

Overview of Visual Search AI

Mostly, we know the stuff we want to buy. But, we find it hard to type the words on the search box.

We may also run out of words to describe the item. Or we just don’t know the word.

So, it stops up from finding the item. But, why does this happen?

Well, we are visual beings. Also, we rely on what we can see.

Studies also show that almost 100% of what our brain sees is visual. That’s why we can identify things in a blink of an eye.

But, how is this related to eCommerce? Today, visual search is the future of shopping. Experts also predict that sales will increase by 30% with its help.

So, what is visual search all about?

Text-Based Search Versus AI eCommerce Visual Search

In eCommerce, many retailers invest in making product search better. But, there is still something lacking. What’s that?

Through the years, they made efforts in improving text search. Which is not wrong. But, text search is still prone to inaccurate results. Why?

That’s because text relies on the right words. It also considers the right spelling. So, it can be tricky sometimes.

What if English is not your native language? Or what if you don’t know the exact term of the item?

Likely, you won’t find what you’re looking for. But with visual search, you don’t have to undergo this frustration.

How so? Let’s dive into it deeper.

How AI eCommerce Visual Search Works

We will consider an example to help us understand better.

Say you saw an item you want to buy. But, you don’t know its exact name. So, how can you search for it online?

This scenario happens a lot. Especially in furniture, food, and clothing. But, what could happen if we add AI in eCommerce?

No need to type words. Or even think about it! Simply take a photo of that product. You can also upload a screenshot from your gallery.

Then, the AI-powered visual search tool will find the item for you. It can even tell you which shops offer it cheaper.

So, it simplifies product discovery for customers. Retailers will also have more chances to show their products.

It’s just a win-win situation for eCommerce, both for the retailer and the customer!


AI in visual search makes eCommerce future-proof. And this is happening now.

It doesn’t only speed up the process of buying. It also makes the experience enjoyable for customers. So, they are more likely to buy and stay.

So, are you ready for the adoption of AI eCommerce visual search? Now is the perfect time to do so!

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