fashion ecommerce visual search

Fashion eCommerce Visual Search

Through the years, images are becoming important in shopping. And that’s how fashion eCommerce visual search comes in.

Today, it changed the future of shopping. How so?

Read on to learn more.

Fashion eCommerce Visual Search

If only Cinderella is alive, she would be thrilled with visual search. It would have been easy to find her lost shoe? But how?

All it would take is just a snap of her other shoe. Then, visual search tools will look for it.

But, you may have wondered. Why are we talking about Cinderella here?

Well, fashion eCommerce visual search works just like that. How? 

Looking for a shoe or a dress in a fashion eCommerce site? No need to type the word on the search bar. Just take or upload an image!

In that way, it allows you to shop easily. Plus, search queries are more personalized.

Shop the Fashion Look

To help us understand how this works, let’s consider an example.

Let’s say you saw a lady wearing a red dress in the subway. You suddenly want to get the same dress.

But, how are you going to look for that? You’re too shy to ask. Also, you can’t find the right words to describe it on the search bar.

Besides, the traditional search won’t show you the same dress. But, visual search can. How so?

Simply take a photo of it! You can also just point at the dress using a visual search engine or app.

And voila! It will show you results similar to that dress you want. You can even see the prices and stores!

Stages of Fashion eCommerce Visual Search

Now, what are the stages available in the visual search process? Here are four stages.

  1. Find a garment. Watched a movie and you loved the wedding dress of the main lead? You can look up the garment used. And see which stores sell them.
  2. Find a tiny detail. Saw a carpet in a living room photo on Pinterest? You can let the visual search do the trick! This tool has a cropping and zooming tool. So, you can search even the tiniest detail of a photo!
  3. Search for accessories. Looking for the best cushion on your sofa? Or maybe a skirt that would match your blouse. Visual search also gives suggestions for this scenario.
  4. Search for furniture. Designing the perfect studio? Visual search also has image recognition tools. Plus, an augmented reality feature. So, you’ll know which fits where.

Fashion eCommerce Visual Search Leaders

In the eCommerce world, here are some of the leading visual search providers:

  • Pinterest. They launched Lens in 2017. It allows users to point the app to any object. Then, you can see Pins related to it.
  • Google. They also have a Lens feature in their apps. You can search for items related to the photo you snapped. Then, it shows more information from Google.


With visual search, the possibilities in eCommerce are endless. So, it’s a trend that the retail industry loves.

The advantages brought by visual search in fashion are also limitless. So, it’s not a surprise that most eCommerce has this feature.

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