how do visual search engines work

How Do Visual Search Engines Work?

How do visual search engines work? You may have wondered about that. Besides, we’ve seen the impact of visual search in eCommerce now.

It also transforms the product discovery process. So, it makes the customer experience better.

Naturally, we demand the best products. Whether buying something for our home, a dress or even at a restaurant.

In those cases, visual search engines can be helpful. How so?

Read on to learn more.

What Is Visual Search?

Visual search is a way of looking for something using an image. To make this possible, it uses artificial intelligence.

But, a visual search is different from an image search. Well, how can we say so?

Images search still needs text to look for something. Then, it will suggest clicking on the Images tab.

So, you’ll need to scroll through something before finding it. Yet, these pictures are already tagged as the best visual results.

On the other hand, visual search uses AI. Then, it interprets the picture you scanned. So, it can detect the shape, color, and size of it.

As a result, it will show you instantly the exact or similar item. So, you’ll not need to type any words.

How Do Visual Search Engines Work?

But, how do visual search engines work?

A visual search engine looks for information on the web. This may include:

  • web pages
  • locations
  • other images
  • other descriptions

Well, how does it work?

Let’s say you saw an unfamiliar object. And you want to know more about it. Then, a visual search can help you.

For example, you came across a sign in a foreign city. Most likely, you don’t know how to read it.

Or maybe you saw a dog in a park. And you don’t know what its breed.

For those scenarios, a visual search engine will look it up for you. How?

Using AI, it uses image patterns based on an algorithm. It will then translate the foreign text. Or show the breed of the dog.

Top Visual Search Engines

So, what are some examples of visual search engines? In this article, let’s consider the following:

  • Google Lens
  • Pinterest Lens
  • Bing Image Search

Google Lens

Google Lens is a popular app by Google. It turns your smartphone camera into something amazing. How so?

Saw a restaurant and you want to know more about its menu? Or maybe a math problem you want to solve?

Simply point Lens on the object. Then, it will show you information about what you point it to. It can also understand what you’re looking for.

Pinterest Lens

Another visual search engine is Pinterest Lens. In fact, this is a go-to app for shoppers. How so?

With Lens, you can simply scan an object, like a dress. Then, it will show you similar Pins.

If you also saw a Pin about a dress, you can see shops connected with it. So, you don’t have to go to another engine.

Bing Image Search

Bing also has its visual search tool. But, it’s a little different from others.

This tool will show you trending images about what you search. Then, you can scroll through these photos.

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