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A Guide to Visual Search Engine at Any Age

Visual search engine. It changed how we do searches now. And for many years, many have asked. What is the best visual search engine?

In this article, let’s consider the top three. Then, we will talk about their pros and cons.

Read on to learn more.

The Search for the Best Visual Search Engine

For a long time now, we use search engines to find something. It could be information, a product, or something else.

But, we’ve also seen how text-based search limits our search. For example, we may have problems with its proper spelling. Or maybe we can’t find the exact thing we’re looking for.

But, a visual search engine can redefine those limits. With the help of AI, it gives tremendous results. How so?

Visual search engines give relevant results. You can search for what you exactly see. So, it’s easier to find something.

In the next part, let’s review some of the most famous visual search engines today. 

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest lets you find things easily. This time, no need to describe them. So, it makes the process simple.

Because of that, over 200 million people use Pinterest Lens. So, they realize how this new technology makes searching easy.

Brands and retailers can also benefit from Pinterest Lens. How so?

Visual search bridges the gap between online and offline marketing. So, they can reach more people that see the product.

Now, how does Pinterest Lens work?

First, you need to point your camera at an item. It can be anything, like:

  • objects
  • paintings
  • fashion styles
  • and many more

Then, AI will identify the object. It can also recognize the shape and material. So, it will easily show you the item you’re looking for.

For example, you search for a black mug with gold details. So, Pinterest identifies it as a mug. Then, it also sees the details of gold.

Google Lens

Google launched Lens after its failed Google Goggles. Google Lens is now also available via Google Assistant.

So, how does Google Lens work?

Google Lens works in various situations. It can also detect almost everything, such as:

  • Products
  • Cats and dogs
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Clothing
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses

Also, Google Lens can help advertisers. Now, they can reach more people with their ads. But how?

Lens has paid search features. Thus, so online retailers can promote their business to many people.

Google Lens can also help offline or in-store businesses. With their advanced visual search, users can get redirected by the local searches.

For example, you saw a restaurant sign. Then, you took a photo using Google Lens.

It will then show you the menu and reviews of the restaurant. So, instant ads for the business.

Bing Visual Search

Finally, Bing visual search. It has advanced AI technology that scans photos automatically.

Before, users have to draw boxes around the items. But now, AI automated the process.

Like Pinterest, Bing also shows shoppable links to online stores. So, it can help advertisers with their ads.

What Is the Best Visual Search Engine?

Now, what is the best visual search engine? As we learned, they have benefits for users and retailers. But, they still have room for improvements.

For now, we can be glad that we can use all of them. So, easier product discovery is on reach.

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