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How to Create Winning Strategies in Amazon Social Commerce?

Great doors of opportunities are now continually open for Amazon social commerce. Amazon, being one of the world’s greatest e-commerce brands, leads millions of brands into millions of earnings in years. By market capitalization, Amazon is one of the top 5 largest companies in the globe.

If you are into e-commerce and are starting to sell on Amazon, how can you stand out from the wild competition? Here is an Amazon checklist for e-commerce success. Read on to uncover.

Amazon Social Commerce: Best Practices in Selling

1. Meet and Master Amazon Basics First

While it is true that Amazon has a lot to offer, but when yet starting up, savor the basics first. Start “slowly yet surely”, as the famous saying goes. Take your Amazon commerce as a journey, more than just reaching the destination.

How? Since Amazon is an enormous marketing and sales platform, you should create content that sells. For instance, consider the following checklist:

  • Attractive content- create strong page content by providing at least 4 product images with 5 bullets of product information
  • Increase visibility by reviews- you can make use of Amazon Vine. This program lets customers gain feedback on your products from Amazon’s trusted reviewers. About 81% of Amazon consumers base purchases on reviews. Products with at least 20 reviews most often get the most visibility and attention, for instance.
  • Maintain inventory- a good availability of stocks is important to keep your potential consumers out of the ‘temporarily out of stock’ alert
  • Offer a wide range of products- consumers want to have as many options as possible. Perhaps focus on products that customers are most interested in, and offer enough product ranges.

2. Invest in Search Visibility

Amazon is home to millions of sellers all around the world. So you cannot let your shop be buried among the search listings. Also, every Amazon purchasing journey starts with a search. Perhaps customers who browse most probably already have a product in mind. So your goal here is to appear on the first pages as possible.

Here are the best practices in optimizing search functions:

  • Search terms should be brief yet concise in describing your product 
  • Provide relevant keywords on your listing title
  • Have clear product descriptions in bullet form
  • Price competitively
  • Use quality but fast-loading images and videos

3. Review and Identify Product Gaps

Part of creating a strong product portfolio is not missing anything for customers. Engage your customers well by regularly reviewing how your shop is performing. 

Amazon can help you with this. The platform, for instance, provides valuable data and insights about your shop. So make sure to utilize these insights in driving better shop performance.

4. Leverage Promotions on Holidays & Special Events

Amazon itself is taking holidays, special events, and key dates into promotions and special deals. As a seller, you should incorporate this into your calendar ahead of time. So you can create marketing strategies in advance.

Amazon is truly a great platform to make more money with. However, selling on the platform itself is not enough to reap rewards. Perhaps these basic best practices can help you kickstart your Amazon journey to its full potential.

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