12 things never to search on google

12 Things Never To Search On Google

Indeed, Google helped us find answers to many of our questions. Yet, you must never search these 12 things on Google. Find out here why.

What is the first thing you turn to when you don’t know the answer to a question? Most likely, you turn to Google. Hence, we tend to ask Google everything – from basic inquiries to important matters. Indeed, Google is now a part of our lives that helps us ease our lives. 

Yet, Google is simply an online platform offering the information you need. In other words, the search engine doesn’t own any of the content that shows up.

One thing is for sure – not all information you find on Google is true. Furthermore, chances are that this search engine has bad threat actors. These threats may exploit these searches. Hence, those actors may harm you. Read on to see the 12 things never to search on Google


Google is a great place to get aware of medical symptoms. However, the search engine is not a place to search for medicines. Do not skip the doctor and rely on searches when you are sick. Moreover, buying medicines based on your searches is dangerous.


Do not search porn as you may get unwanted porn-related Google ads pop up. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in professional environments, right?

Online banking websites

Additionally, the search engine contains many fake banking websites. Experts advise users not to search for online banking information unless they know the correct URL. Furthermore, a report from Gadget Now added that you must always enter the official URL of your bank’s portal. This eliminates the chances of getting victimized by phishing. 

Apps or Software 

Always download mobile applications from official app stores like Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones. Searching APKs on Google increases the chances of you installing malware to your cell phone. 

Weight Loss Tips

Like we have mentioned earlier, go to the doctor when you are sick. If you want to lose weight, seek advice from a dietician or related medical personnel. Every single body is unique and there is no such thing as quick-fix weight loss methods. 

Stock Markets or Financial Advice

Many websites offer tips on how to achieve financial freedom. Yet, some of these sites are dangerous so avoid taking advice from the search engine when investing.

Government Websites

Scammers target government websites like hospitals and municipality tax. Directly visit the government website you tend to see rather than searching it.

Social Media Sites

Searching social media websites might lead to phishing. Thus, directly type the URL in the address box of your browser to ensure security.

Coupon codes

Likewise, searching for coupon codes is also risky. Doing so might land you on fake websites selling cheap fake coupons but steals your information in the process.

Shopping Offers

Scammers use e-Commerce as a disguise for stealing your personal information. They lure unsuspecting individuals to click on bogus shopping offers. 

Antivirus apps

It is best to get a paid service from a reputed brand instead of getting a free one. 

Customer care numbers

Searching for customer care numbers may land you trouble since this is one of the most popular online scams. Scammers post fake business listings and customer care numbers. Moreover, they trick people into searching for this information. Unfortunately, many gullible people befall into this trap and get scammed.

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