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How To Search A Photo On Pinterest? – Use Pinterest Lens

How to search a photo on Pinterest? Simple, just download the Pinterest app and enjoy its new feature, the Pinterest Lens. But, how would you do so?

Many people might be looking for more general knowledge about what is in a photograph.

People want to see images that are close to their own. For example, if you like a piece of clothing in a picture, you may want to see more of the same design.

Maybe you’re looking for photos of food that has been cooked. You may be interested in the recipes associated with the dish shown. If you’re looking for a travel set, you want to look at pictures of similar locations.

Here comes Pinterest Lens.

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens is a new feature that has been added to the Pinterest app, not just for iPhone but for Android as well. Because of this new feature, you can now use the camera on your phone or tablet to check for pins.

Moreover, Pinterest Lens is compatible with phones that are set to the English language all over the world.

Yes, you heard that right. It’s quite easy to use the app.

How To Use Pinterest Lens

Open the Pinterest app and then tap the magnifying glass icon to begin using Pinterest Lens.

If you want to take a snapshot of the item you want to look for, tap the red camera button.

The app will attempt to recognize the object and display relevant pins. You can also use keywords to direct the app to the pins you’d like to see.

Moreover, you can use Pinterest Lens to get recipe ideas for food, paint ideas for decorating, and travel ideas for destinations.

You can also use images from your phone with Pinterest Lens. To use pictures you’ve already taken, tap the picture icon in the top right corner of the page.

Pinterest Lens is only in beta, which means it’s being tested. It doesn’t remember anything, but as more people use it, it should get better.

Pinterest Related Image Search

Pinterest’s Chrome extension also has new functionality that allows you to scan photos for similar pins.

So, let’s say you have the Pinterest extension installed on Chrome, you will see a search icon that will enable you to find similar pins. Moreover, you will also notice a Save button. This button will allow you to pin a picture to Pinterest.

When you click the search icon, you’ll see a list of keywords and pins related to the objects in the picture.

The findings, however, do not lead to the Pinterest website. Instead, they open a new window with pins and keywords that are connected. You’ll be taken to the Pinterest site if you click on a pin.

Yes, we all want that feature on Pinterest. We want to take a photo and just look at it on the Internet, see what it’s about and purchase it if we want to.

Having a handy tool like Pinterest Lens is an experience worth sharing.

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