Visual Search Google Lens

Visual Search Google Lens – Quickly Find Info About The World!

Visual Search Google Lens is now available on both Android and iPhones. So it is important to understand how it works before you regret not using its capabilities.

Why? Because it can help you save time. Specifically, Visual Search 

Google Lens is designed to help you quickly find information. Such as about an object or a person you see in the real world. 

Google Lens also helps you learn more about the things in your environment. Like a wine bottle, flowers, and even the dog walking past your window. 

Are we also talking about a picture of a car? Google Lens will quickly tell you the make, model, and year of the car. 

But, how? Just point your phone camera at that car. Then Google Lens will read the license plate number and pull up all the necessary information. 

Do this also with an image of a person. Because it will pull up their contact information so that you can call them or email them. The possibilities are endless! 

Google Lens is what we call an App In A Box solution. Why? Because it is an application that takes data from one application (like Google Maps). And then applies its value to another application (like Facebook). 

But, how will you do it? Now let me show you how simple it is. 

How To Use Visual Search Google Lens On Your iPhone And Android Phone 

#1 – Open Google Lens

To use Google Lens, you need to open the Google Lens app. For Android phones, it is located in the Google Photos app. But for iPhones, it is in the camera app. Go to Google Photos or open your camera on your iPhone to locate these apps. 

#2 – Take A Picture Of Something

Swipe through your photos and take a picture of something that interests you. Like a wine bottle, flowers, a dog, or even your cat. 

#3 – Take A Photo Of The Object You Are Interested In 

Like for instance, you want to find out more about the owl. So you are going to tap on the image of the owl. And then tap on “What’s this?” to launch Visual Search and use Google Lens.

#4 – Tap “What’s This?” To Find Out More!

Tap on “What’s this?” and Google Lens will search for the object or picture you are looking at. 

#5 – You Can Now See More Information About The Object 

You now have more information about the owl. Like what kind of owl is this and its location. But you can also tap on “View on map”. Why? To find out where we can find this species of owl in real life!

To Conclude 

Now you can see how easy it is to use Google Lens. So the next time you see something that looks interesting, take a picture of it with your phone. Then use Google Lens to learn more about the object you are looking at. 

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