Product Discovery Tips

Product Management 101: Product Discovery Tips for Leaders

Develop and launch better products with these product discovery tips for leaders.

What is Product Discovery?

Product discovery’s goal is to identify and evaluate whether a product should be developed or not This is mostly a mix of processes and practices of internal and external customers. Failing product discovery can lead to failure of product investments, simply because they can lead to products that do not sell.

Product Discovery Tips

Although product discovery takes different ways and means for different industries, basic principles should help you win it.

So here are product discovery tips that most winning products have. 

1. Collaboration is vital, so work as a team

Product discovery is not a one-man show. So you better brainstorm ideas and work on them as a team, instead. 

Since this is a team effort, this process also calls for the right people with the right talent. Usually, a product discovery team should consist of the following:

  • Key stakeholders: marketing, support, and salespeople
  • Development team members: developer, UX designers, and tester
  • Agile coach

Before any project, all of these should come together as one. The purpose of a meeting is to leverage each one’s ideas. It showcases one’s knowledge and expertise, for instance. So it contributes to the team’s expectations for each one.

2. Problem validation should take the focus

Focusing on building solutions can be a trap for the product discovery process. Usually, this is where most product teams fail.

Always keep your “why”. The reason for the process is to mitigate the risk of building a product that will not sell. In a sense, you aim to develop a product that will address the needs of your users.

So how can you meet their needs? Of course, by validating their problems. Perhaps the following should take the core of your time:

  • Nailing product value propositions
  • Knowing your target group
  • Business goals
  • Business model
  • Defining the product’s standard features

TIP: You can improve your focus by using a tool that can help you validate risks and assumptions. 

3. Product discovery work should not take too long

The process should not take too long that it should take the time away for marketing. Of course, you can never guarantee a product to sell unless you market it. Again, the purpose of the process is only to minimize the risks of failing, not to fully eradicate them.

But of course, this should not mean rushing on key processes. 

4. Communicate with your users

Another aspect of your “why”- to deliver what your users want and need. So make sure not to forget to talk to them. Communicate with them in-depth. 

  • Know who they are
  • What are their struggles with your products
  • What works for them and what does not

Also, when you do so, do not be content by simply gathering data from the four corners of your office. Get out of your building and see how they engage with your products, for instance. By doing so, you can set reasonable expectations with your assumptions versus the facts that you are getting.

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