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Make Money With A Celebrity Doppelganger App!

At last, you can now make money with a celebrity doppelganger app! Have you ever wonder why a lot of celebrity look-alike apps are trending upwards? One factor in that is money. Yes, app developer of these kinds of ‘twin finder’ is a way to get your pockets filled.

Here, we’ll discuss how do celebrity look-alike apps make money.  

Earn Profit by Investing in the App

Of course, like any other business, you need to start from scratch. What I mean by that is to invest in building the app in the first place.

A project of this calibre doesn’t come cheap; please bear that in mind. Mostly, it’ll fork out pretty much out of you.

However, with a proper mindset and a concrete plan, you can earn a lot in return. 

So, it’s crucial to consider monetizing your mobile service ahead of time.

There are several ways to profit! Yes, you heard me right.

In-app advertising

One of the most reliable ways to earn money is by advertising. Whatever the case, advertisement is a perfect way to make money on every site or service. Apps that make you look like a star are no exception.

But, how? How can you earn through ads?

All you have to do now is find marketers interested in having their product or service promoted via your app.

However, there are a few things to remember if you want to be successful:

  • You should seek to think of how the general public views the promoted product. It should meet the interests of users at least to some extent. Otherwise, your advertisements would be ineffective, and advertisers could switch to one of your competitors.
  • Don’t overuse obnoxious advertisements. We’re confident you’ve seen applications crammed with ad banners or videos on more than one occasion. It irritates you, doesn’t it? So, don’t make the same mistakes as others.


Another means of profit – not just on a celebrity doppelganger app but all other platforms – is through offers of paid subscription.

However, to get the most of the agreement from the users, you should have a trial version first. That’s a crucial step. As a result, users can get a chance to evaluate all the benefits of subscribing to a paid version.

Of course, you must do everything in your power to impress your target audience and persuade them to pay for your subscription.

Unfortunately, one reason why users won’t empty their pocket for a paid subscription because of the notion that he/she won’t use all the features. So, it’s not always ideal to subscribe fully.

This is where paid features come to play; here’s why.

Paid features

Of course, if I’m the user, I want options. It’s always a good idea to give the user a choice. That is, he has the option of using free basic functionality or paying for premium features. These features can include special filters or other photo editing options.

Now that you’ve learned how to monetize from look-alike apps start creating appropriate plans. With proper management and mindset, you’ll fully enjoy earning from them as a hobby or as a full-time job.

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