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How to Stand Out in E-Commerce Website Design

Ecommerce website design is one of the winning factors customers consider. The famous principle applies, ‘first impressions last’. So does e-commerce; if so, how can you stand out in developing your website design? Perhaps even get ahead of the competition.

Tips on How to Level Up E-Commerce Website Design

For e-commerce websites, you need to make your customer’s shopping experience as pleasant as possible. 

Here are some tips: 

1. Allow customers to search for products by brand. 

A good e-commerce website design should allow the customer to search for products from different brands so they can compare prices and choose the best one. Create a product list where all products are categorized based on their brand. 

For example, you can group all products from Sony together, and all products from Apple together. This will make the customer feel like they’re shopping in a real store. 

2. Make sure your product images are clear and sharp. 

Make them look like they’re going to be real and not 2D photos. You can add filters (like the ones on Instagram) to give your images a more real-life look. Add a virtual model of your products to show how they would look when worn by a person or how they would fit in the room if it were a home decor item. 

You can also create an image where you show your product being used in different ways. For example, if it’s a phone case, show how it looks on different phones. Also, add videos of how your product works or how to use it properly so the customer will get a better idea of what you offer. 

Do not forget to add links to your social media pages; customers will appreciate knowing more about you and connecting with you online and offline.

3. Use filters to give your products texture. 

You can use filters to give your products a sense of texture. For example, if it’s a pair of shoes, you can put different filters on the pictures so it looks like the shoes are worn out or still new. You can also add text with quotes on it and show how much you love your products. 

Another way to make your product photos look realistic is by using a mirror. This will show how the product looks on someone, and you can also show what other items would look great with the product. 

Do not forget to use different angles of a camera when taking a picture of your products. This will help the customer see what they’re buying more clearly. 

4. Add customer reviews to your website. 

It is essential to have reviews on your website because it will provide customers with more information about your products and services. You can have reviews from other customers as well as from experts or influencers. Make sure these people are credible so the customer will trust what they say more. 

5. Offer free shipping for purchases above a certain amount. 

This is what people usually want in an e-commerce website design; if you can offer this feature, they are more likely to buy from you than from other competitors who don’t offer free shipping for purchases above a certain amount. Set the bar low enough so you won’t lose money but high enough to get more sales, and make sure you have this feature in your website design from day one. 

6. Design a layout that suits mobile users and desktop users both equally well. 

Having a responsive website design is very important as nowadays, most people access the internet using their mobile phones or tablets instead of their computers or laptops. 

A website that cannot be accessed through all kinds of devices is not considered good anymore so make sure you have a layout that works in both cases: desktop and mobile devices alike! 

You can also add something like “Click here for mobile view” or something like that in order to let them know that they must click it in order to see the mobile version of your website design; otherwise, they’ll see the full version which may not work properly for mobile users. 

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