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Google Visual Search Engine: Google Lens

Google Lens is the Google visual search engine. How can it turn your smartphone into something amazing? Also, what are the newest features of this tool?

Read on to learn more about Google visual search.

Google Visual Search

Google Lens is like an eye. It helps us see things. But, in a high-tech way. How so?

Google visual search has amazing technologies. These will compute based on what the Google Lens sees. So, it understands whatever you point it to.

But, that’s just the scratch on the surface. Lens also lets you search for what you see.

It will then analyze the picture and what’s in it. So, it shows you the result based on it.

Well, what can Google visual search Lens do? It can identify the following:

  • plants
  • animals
  • menus
  • restaurants
  • products
  • barcode
  • foreign signs

In this article, we will talk about the newest features of Google Lens. We will also learn how it helps us in our daily lives.

Let’s find out!

Google Visual Search Engine in Daily Lives

We will talk about the following features of Lens:

  • Learn how to pronounce new words
  • Get help with homework
  • Look up new concepts

Learn how to pronounce new words

Since then, many people use Lens to translate words. Just by pointing it at the word, the app will replace it with your default language.

But now, it can even tell you how to pronounce foreign words. How so?

First, point Lens to the words. Then, select the text detected by the app. Finally, click the Listen button.

Get help with homework

Scratching your head over a math problem? Now, Google Lens can help you with that.

Well, how does it work? You can simply scan the equation. Then, Google will show you videos and guides in solving that problem.

Look up new concepts

Done with Mathematics. But, what if you are also having a hard time in your physics lesson? Or maybe you don’t quite understand the news article you read.

Don’t fret! Google Lens to the rescue! By simply scanning it, Google will search this information for you.

Google Visual Search Engine in Shopping

Google Lens can also help in the shopping. How so? Let’s talk about the following features:

  • Get style recommendations
  • Shop what you see
  • Track your packages

Get style recommendations

In shopping, we sometimes need help with outfit recommendations. So, you’ll know how to mix and match your apparel.

Lens also helps you pair your outfits. So, you’ll also learn which blouse looks best with your pants. No more OOTD struggles!

Shop what you see

Of course, we need help in looking for a product that we want to buy. Still, Lens is here to save the day!

You can simply point Lens to the item. You can also upload a screenshot of a celebrity you follow on Instagram.

Then, Google Lens will show you the exact or similar products. So, you’ll save yourself some time searching for it online.

Track packages

With all the shopping that we do, it’s sometimes hard to track them. But, Google Lens can still help.

How so? By pointing Lens at the tracking number! Then, it will show you the delivery status of your package.

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