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E-commerce Guide: How to Create User-Friendly E-commerce Sites

How about great e-commerce sites? Aside from good visibility and branding, the user-friendly feature is by far one of the most important features for boosting. However, it is not always easy to apply this ‘easy’ principle. 

So in this post, we will cover the basic principles of creating user-friendly e-commerce sites.

User-Friendly E-Commerce Sites: Quick Tips

As the user-friendly design is a crucial element of e-commerce sites, you need to make sure that your users will be able to easily complete their tasks.

  • Choose easy-to-use site navigation. If you have too many options, try to divide them into subcategories with fewer options.
  • Let people know what they need to do to accomplish the goal. A smooth and natural flow of transactions will make the buyer feel more confident about shopping on your site.
  • Don’t assume that small font size is a good idea for saving space, as it makes the text harder to read. 
  • To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, you should always provide quick feedback after a user acts. This can be done by telling the user what will happen next with an animation or a short message saying ‘Please wait…’ after some action is performed (like adding an item into the cart).

Best Practices in Developing your E-commerce Sites Design

Allow them to personalize their experience.

Good user experience is achieved when your site users feel that they are in control of the site. So it is important to allow them to create a profile and register their preferences. This will make the process more personalized and enjoyable.

Make communication easy.

It is important to keep in mind that people expect quick responses on e-commerce sites. That is why you should always provide feedback on any action performed by the user as soon as possible. Don’t let your users wait for answers, or they might feel frustrated and will leave your site.

Don’t forget the search box.

Add a search box to the top of the page, so they can find what they are looking for faster. On some sites (such as Amazon), users can search for products by typing in just one or two keywords to find what they want.

Offer newsletters.

Make sure that you have a newsletter sign-up form on your site, so you can regularly send new offers and deals directly to your customers’ inboxes. Also, email marketing is an excellent way to keep customers informed about new products on your site.

Make the purchasing journey seamless.

It is always a good idea to make sure that the checkout process is simple and easy for your customers. You can do this by providing clear instructions and images that illustrate how each step should be completed. Also, do not forget to make sure that all of your checkout pages work correctly before making them live.

The Bottom Line: Creating User-Friendly E-Commerce Sites

Site owners who are willing to improve their site’s performance can try to focus on creating a good user experience. To do that, they should apply the above-mentioned tips, as well as good usability principles in general.

It is also important to make sure that all aspects of your site are easy to use by people of all ages and levels of digital experience.

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