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Top Image Search Sites For 2021

Top image search sites enable you to sort through and find a great selection of images you can use in your online store. Find out more in this article.

What Are Image Search Sites? 

Commonly known as an image search engine, an image search site is a database of images. You just have to enter keywords and it will yield thousands of images. 

The number one among the top image search sites is Google’s. Moreover, it was created on July 12, 2001, and is currently the most comprehensive and famous image search site today. 

This began in 2001 when the tech giant noticed a huge search demand for a specific query that its regular search could not attend to. This demand was for Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress. 

Thus, upon noticing the demand, Google started working on a technology that could bring image results to users’ queries. 

The Top Image Search Sites 

There are many image search sites. Some are all-encompassing and very broad like Yahoo and Google. Meanwhile, some are confined in a niche, like HONMedia. 

However, there is one thing common among these sites – they are databases of images that enable users to search images with keywords, topics, or tags. 

Listed below are the top image search sites that provide the best match to a search query. Furthermore, these top image search sites’ databases are large enough to cater to your needs. 

Google Images 

This is the best image search engine in the market. It provides the most extensive collection of pictures than any other platform. Moreover, Google Images allows you to search for specific products and niches. 

Like on other platforms, not all images found on Google Images can be used for commercial purposes without permission. Yet, you’ll still find a wide array of free photos. Just sort images by their license by clicking Tools then Usage Rights. Pick images that are labeled for reuse. 

Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images provides great images for every niche. Simply type your niche into the search bar and it will yield a wide variety of images. 

If you want to find images for your website or other commercial purposes, change the license section to ‘free to share and use commercially’. Likewise, change it to ‘free to modify, share, and use commercially’ if you plan to modify the images in any way.

Bing Images 

This is another great image search site you may use to source images. Just type your niche or what you need an image of into the search bar. You’ll want to choose images that are free for commercial use so click the Filter Button then License. 


PicSearch’s database contains 3 billion images, making it one of the top image search sites. PicSearch sources pictures from various websites. You may choose from lifestyle pictures to stock photos. 

However, the platform requires users to obtain permission to use the images. Yet, each picture indicates which website the pictures come from, making it easy to contact for permission.

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