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Tips in Creating an Ultimate Online Shopping Experience

Hitting your customers’ shopping experience is one best way of keeping them. 

However, customer behavior changes rapidly in today’s market. More so, since the pandemic, online marketing is hitting hard. So how can you adapt to the change?

Online marketing is about customer experience, trends, and patterns of user online behavior. 

So in this post, we will be listing seven tips that can surely help you create an ultimate shopping experience for your users.

7 Tips to Improve Customer’s Online Shopping Experience

1. Have a Friendly Site Design

Make sure that your site is friendly to the eyes. Perhaps you can put important elements at the top of the page. Also, make sure to highlight buttons to make them more visible.

Besides, most users are on their smartphones. So design your site to be mobile-friendly.

2. Simplify the Customer Journey

Simplicity attracts. In a customer journey, make sure the three phases are clear. Namely, searching products, adding products to the cart, and paying the purchase.

On your site, make sure these processes are easily located and attractive. Also, it should be fast and convenient.

Besides, enable a simple return policy. By doing so, you can save your customers from extra hassle and costs.

3. Customize your Content & Be Personal

Many customers make recurring purchases because of personalized shopping experiences. Thus, making it one way to beat the competition in e-commerce.

4. Know your Audience Demographics

Define your customers’ age range. By doing so, you will know how you should present your products and marketing strategies. Also, depending on age, users interact differently. 

For one reason, not every age level has the same digital fluency. While younger users can easily locate information and action buttons, older users may take longer. For example, you can clarify the arrangement of your buttons, font style and size, and even your site’s colors.

5. Increase your Online Visibility

A dedicated e-commerce site is no longer enough today to stand out amidst the strong competition. This is why it is important to invest in all possible online resource platforms.

For example, almost half of the online customers start product searching on Amazon. At the same time, others do theirs on search engines, like Google. 

Why not leverage these platforms by making your products more visible on these platforms too?

6. Showcase More Photos

The majority of online shoppers say that they prefer at least more than three or more images per product. This way can help them decide on a purchase better. 

Of course, this depends on the type of product you are selling. But the key point is to let your customers have a virtual feel of your product online. And you can do so by providing good quality and in enough number of photos.

7. Have Sales and Promotions (from time to time)

69% of shoppers consider price as a major factor in their purchase decisions. But of course, lowering your prices should come with strategies. Be careful not to make the impression of being a cheap seller because this can make it hard for you to improve your sales in the future.

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